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Reactor Internals

  • Topsoe Catalyst Support

    Catalyst Support

    Our Catalyst Support is designed to support the combined weight of the catalyst, support material and oil.
  • Topsoe Vapor Lift Distributor Tray (VLT)

    Distributor Tray

    Our Vapor Lift Distributor Tray (VLT) ensures uniform distribution of liquid and gas over the entire cross section area of the catalyst bed.
  • Topsoe Inlet diffuser

    Inlet Diffuser

    Our Inlet Diffusers are optimized and customized for every unit, taking into account all your reactor flow parameters and reactor geometry.
  • Topsoe Outlet Collector

    Outlet Collector

    Our Outlet Collector ensures even flow distribution in the bottom bed to maximize catalyst utilization and prevents bed migration to downstream piping and equipment.
  • Topsoe Compression Ring Quench Mixer

    Quench Mixer

    Our Quench Mixer ensures efficient mixing of catalyst bed effluents from both above and from the cold quench stream.
  • Topsoe Redistribution Tray

    Redistribution Tray

    Our Redistribution Tray ensures uniform redistribution of the mixer effluents to the catalyst bed below.
  • Topsoe Liquid Phase Scale Catcher

    Scale Catcher

    Our Scale Catching technology is a proven and economically feasible solution to delay pressure drop development and significantly increase unit utilization.