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Steam Reformers

  • SynCOR™ - Autothermal Reformer (ATR)

    SynCOR™ - Autothermal Reformer (ATR)

    Autothermal reforming at low steam-to-carbon ratio The majority of the world’s syngas-producing plants apply steam methane reforming, with the specific type of reforming technology depending on application and operating conditions. Topsoe offers several types of reforming technologies and has...


  • CTS™ burner - autothermal reformer

    SynCOR™ CTS™ burner

    The CTS™ (Cool Tip Swirl) burner is a crucial piece of equipment, and its importance in reformer reliability and availability cannot be underestimated. Good burner performance is characterized by: Short and centralized flame Low metal temperatures on burner nozzles Soot-free operation Easy...

Reactor Internals

  • Catalyst bed support structure

    Catalyst bed support structure

    The catalyst bed support in the SynCOR™ unit serves both as structural support for the catalyst bed and as an outlet flow distributor guiding the syngas from the catalyst bed into the transfer line to the waste heat recovery system downstream the reformer.


  • HTZR™ target tiles

    HTZR™ target tiles

    Topsoe’s SynCOR™ unit incorporates a floor of zirconium-based ceramic target tiles, HTZR™, as an integral part of the reactor design. The purpose of the HTZR™ target tiles is to: Act as the partition between the combustion chamber and the catalyst bed Protect the catalyst from any direct impact...
  • Reactor refractory lining

    Reactor refractory lining

    The SynCOR™ pressure shell is manufactured from low-alloy steel. It is protected against the extremely harsh operating conditions in the combustion chamber by an internal lining of a multi-layer refractory. The lining is exposed to extremely high temperature and radiation intensity from the...