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Steam Reformers

  • HTCR

    Convection Reformer HTCR

    Haldor Topsoe Convection Reformer™ (HTCR) technology is a compact, high-efficiency heat exchange reformer that provides refinery operators with a straightforward, inexpensive way to meet the growing demand for hydrogen.
  • Topsoe Autothermal reformer

    Topsoe Bayonet Reformer (TBR)

    The Topsoe Bayonet Reformer TBR combines the novel properties of convection and radiant heat transfer in one steam reformer. The development and introduction of the TBR is a result of Topsoe’s continuous striving towards more energy efficient ways of producing hydrogen by steam reforming of...


  • CTS™ burner - autothermal reformer

    SynCOR™ CTS™ burner

    The CTS™ (Cool Tip Swirl) burner is a crucial piece of equipment, and its importance in reformer reliability and availability cannot be underestimated. Good burner performance is characterized by: Short and centralized flame Low metal temperatures on burner nozzles Soot-free operation Easy...


  • Methanol decomposition reactor

    Methanol decomposition reactor

    The methanol decomposition reactor typically contains a tube bundle with a couple of dozens to a few thousand tubes. The catalyst is loaded into the tubes which are heated from the shell side by a heat transfer fluid – typically oil. Topsoe has designed methanol decomposition reactors for more than...

Reactor Internals

  • Bottom Support Grid

    Adiabatic Reactor Bottom Support Grid

    Increase your profitability with Topsoe’s support grid to obtain a lower pressure drop in your adiabatic reactors such as the high, medium, low-temperature shift or the methanator. Achieve a pressure drop which is up to 50% lower. Worldwide, more than 20 reactors already have this technology...


  • TFM

    Topsoe Furnace Manager TFM

    How can you predict and prevent your furnace from unexpected and costly downtime? How can you integrate communication between furnace operation and plant optimization? How can you increase your furnace and personal safety? Asset Protection Previously, plant operators relied on proactive repairs and...