Catalyst Loading & Reduction

Effective catalyst loading and reduction is the first step to optimized performance and maximum lifetimes. A Topsoe Catalyst Loading & Reduction training course gives you the insight you need to reduce and load for success.

With an emphasis on both planning and execution, our flexible, tailored Catalyst Loading & Reduction course will help you achieve smooth collaboration with the Topsoe Engineer to ensure safe and efficient loadings/reductions with minimal delays and with maximum performance once your plant is operational. As with all Topsoe technical training, this course leverage our unique position as both catalyst supplier and technology licensor to give you efficiency-boosting insight you won’t find anywhere else.

What does Catalyst Loading & Reduction training cover?

A Topsoe Catalyst Loading & Reduction course can range from a brief appetizer session that helps you understand the key elements related to loading and reduction to an extensive 1-day workshop, including certification going in depth with the key parameters for loadings, reduction theory and safety precautions.

A course can give you:

  • Recommendations on how you can maximize the cooperation with the Topsoe engineer on site during loading and reduction
  • Insight into the effect of loading and reduction on the lifetime and performance of your catalysts
  • Understanding of how proper preparation prior to loading and reduction will reduce the risk of subsequent challenges
  • Recommendations on how to ensure the safety of your loading crew during loading
  • Catalyst reduction walk-through emphasizing common mistakes and potential pitfalls, and ways to avoid critical situations and/or delays