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One digital training portal. All of Topsoe’s best practices. 

Topsoe Academy On-demand will empower you to get the most out of your plant. 
A growing library of more than 650 on-demand learning activities will help you stay on top of new developments and technologies. Anywhere, anytime. 
Topsoe Academy On-demand brings you: 

  • Unlimited access to all training content founded on Topsoe's extensive knowledge base (for Premium users)
  • 24/7 on-demand training, accessible directly from desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Increased plant efficiency through a broadened knowledge base
  • Reduced need to develop own training - possible to streamline onboarding of new employees
  • Continuously updated content

From knowledge to action - easily 

On the Topsoe Academy On-demand portal, you can access video lessons, courses and learning activities that are based on decades of experience, supporting plants with both catalyst and process optimization. The lessons are designed to bring you knowledge about the actual working experience, so the knowledge you gain is easy to put into action afterwards. 
The lessons will also include recommendations from Topsoe’s solution experts to help you discover new functionalities of your plant.  
The knowledge will be aimed at both beginners and more experienced personnel.

Catalyst loading - SMR-based hydrogen plants


This learning path gives you the insight you need to ensure that your next loading will be a success and covers the loading types that are relevant for SMR-based hydrogen plants. This includes both adiabatic reactor loadings as well as tubular reformer loadings.
Effective catalyst loading is the first step to optimized performance and achieve maximum lifetimes. With an emphasis on both planning and execution, this learning path will help you achieve smooth collaboration with the TOPSOE™ Engineer to ensure safe and efficient loadings with minimal delays and with maximum performance, once your plant is operational.


This learning path awards a certificate once completed and consists of 4 courses, each of which will focus on a specific aspect of loadings or a certain type of loading:

  • Loading safety
  • General loading considerations
  • Adiabatic reactor loadings
  • Tubular reformer loadings - SpiraLoad™

Each course consists of 5-8 lessons and a summary exam. Expected time to complete is approximately 45 minutes per course.

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