Catalyst programme
 (pdf, 2,5 MB)

SCR DeNOx technology (pdf, 430 KB) 

DNX® - Topsøe SCR DeNOx catalysts for waste incinerators (pdf, 635 KB)

DNX® - Topsoe SCR DeNOx catalysts - high resistance to calcium oxide from coal (pdf, 419 KB) 

DNX® - Topsoe SCR DeNOx catalysts - oxidation of SO₂ into SO₃ (pdf, 329 KB) 

DNX® - Topsoe SCR DeNOx catalysts - properties and features (pdf, 380 KB) 

DNX® - GT series - Topsoe's new SCR and CO oxidation catalysts (965 KB)

Wet gas sulphuric acid
WSA - flexible sulphur management (pdf, 3.5 MB)

Case story: WSA for cleaning of acid gas from gasifier (pdf, 2 MB)

Case story: Cleaning of high SO2 flue gases from boilers (pdf, 816 KB)

Catalytic oxidation
CK-395 The new halogen resistant oxidation catalyst (pdf, 238 KB)

Catalytic combustion technology for off-gas purification (pdf, 2 MB) 

Case story: Cleaning of off gas from MA plant (pdf, 1 MB)

Case story: Cleaning of waste gas with halogens (pdf, 1 MB)

Case story: Concentration as a way to reduce costs (pdf, 684 KB)

Case story: Purification of gas containing ammonia (pdf, 662)

Case story: Purification of crude CO2 gases (pdf, 1 MB)

Case story: Off gas from metal lacquering (pdf, 1 MB)

Case story: SBR off-gas purification (pdf, 858 KB)

Case story: Waste gases from formaldehyde production plants (pdf, 153 KB)



Wet gas sulphuric acid
Meeting industry demands (pdf, 3 MB)
by Frands Jensen and Jens Kr. Laursen, Topsoe, published in Sulphur, September-October 2007 

The process principles (pdf, 313 KB)
by Jens Kr. Laursen, Topsoe, published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, August 2007

The Topsoe SNOX™ technology (pdf, 487 KB)
- for cleaning of flue gas from combustion of petroleum coke and high sulphur petroleum residues
by Frands Jensen, Topsoe

SNOX™ flue gas treatment for boilers burning petcoke (pdf, 487 KB)
- makes petcoke more attractive for power and heat generation
by Frands Jensen, Topsoe


SCR DeNOx catalyst considerations when using biomass in power generation (pdf, 1.13 MB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Francesco Castellino, and T. Nathan White, Topsoe, 2012

Catalytic multi-pollutant abatement of gas turbine exhaust (pdf, 396 KB)
by Niklas Jakobsson and Hans Jensen-Holm, Topsoe, 2012

A new standard of NOx control (pdf, 1 MB)
by Joakim Reimer Jensen, Dennis Salbilla & Peter Lindenhoff, Topsoe
Published in Hydrocarbon Engineering, October 2009

Advances in NOx removal in smelter acid plants (pdf, 362 KB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Topsoe,
E. Graham C. Lyne, Andrew B. Berryman, Colin M. Evans and Shailesh Sampat, Kvaerner Chemetics
Presented at the International Seminar "Review of the Agenda: New Initiatives in the Mining Sector", 8-9 May, 2002, Santiago, Chile

Ammonium bisulphate inhibition of SCR catalysts (pfd, 2.72 MB)
by Joakim Reimer Thøgersen and Torben Slabiak, Haldor Topsoe
Nathan White, Haldor Topsoe Inc.

Analysis of NOx reduction techniques on an ethylene cracking furnace (pdf, 215 KB)
by Jeffrey S. Walker, Westlake Petrochemicals Group
Dennis L. Salbilla, Haldor Topsoe Inc.
Presented at NPRA, 2004

Arsenic resistant SCR catalyst (pdf, 2.41 MB)
by Joakim Reimer Jensen and Torben Slabiak, Haldor Topsoe
Flemming Hansen, Haldor Topsoe Inc. 2009

Budel Zinc sets a new standard for NOx reduction in a sulphuric acid plant (pdf, 231 KB)
by Jan Van Driel, Bernadette Giesen, Budel Zink B.V.
Andrew Berryman, S. Sampat, Kvaerner Chemetics
Søren S. Enevoldsen, Hans Jensen-Holm, Haldor Topsoe
Presented at International conference in industrial atmospheric polution, Paris, France, 2001

Catalysis for NOx abatement (pdf, 1.67 MB)
by Nan-Yu Topsøe, Haldor Topsoe
Published in CATTECH, December 1997

Catalytic Activated Ceramic Dust Filter for removal of dust, NOx, dioxin and VOCs (pdf, 71 KB)
by Peter Schoubye and Joakim Reimer Jensen, Haldor Topsoe

Catalytic multi-pollutant abatement of gas turbine exhaust  (pdf, 395 KB)
by Niklas Jakobsson and Hans Jensen-Holm, Haldor Topsoe, 2012

Catalytic removal of NOx, VOC and dioxin (pdf, 1.07 MB)
by Anders Bo Jensen, Hans Jensen-Holm, Martin Schröter, Haldor Topsoe
An edited version of a paper presented at Pullutec conference, Lyon, France, 2000

Combating NOx from refinery sources using SCR (pdf, 1,5 MB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm and Peter Lindenhoff , Topsoe
Presented at 2nd Annual Eorld Refining Technology Summit & Exhibition 2010, Abu Dhabi

Combating NOx in acid plants (pdf, 654 KB)
Published in Sulphur, November-December 2009

Control refinery NOx with SCRs (pdf, 345 KB)
by L. Damgaard, Preem Raffinaderi AB, M. Schröter, Haldor Topsoe
Published in Hydrocarbon Processing, November 2004

Deactivation of SCR catalyst at biomass fired power plants (pdf, 1.48 MB)
by Yuanjing Zheng, Anker Degn Jensen, Jan Erik Johnsson, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
Joakim Reimer Thøgersen, Haldor Topsoe
Published in Applied Catalysis B, 83, 2008

Experience from two SCR units at Electrabel Langerlo Power Station (pdf, 5.69 MB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Haldor Topsoe, Jean-Jacques van Ormelingen, Tractebel Engineering, and Søren Lovmand Hvid, FORCE Technology
Presented at MEGA Symposium, Washington D. C., USA, 2003

Experience with design, installation and operation of an SCR unit after a FCCU (pdf, 1.33 MB)
by Peter I. Lindenhoff, Haldor Topsoe, Shafiq Ahmad, Shell Oil Products, and J. D. Slaughter, S&R Engineering
Presented at NPRA annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2005

Impact of biomass co-combustion on SCR DeNOx operation (pdf, 2 MB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Joakim Reimer Thøgersen and Peter Lindenhoff, Topsoe
Presented at Power-Gen Europe 2009, Cologne, Germany, 2009

Implementation of SCR DeNOx technology on coal-fired boilers (pdf, 3.37 MB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Haldor Topsoe
Published at 12th SO2 and NOx Pullution Control Technology International Seminar, Chongqing, P.R. China, 2008

Implementation of SCR techology on coal-fired boilers in P.R. China  (pdf, 2.8 MB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Nan-Yu Topsøe and Jim Jianhua Cui, Haldor Topsoe
Presented at PowerGen Asia/China Power, Hong Kong, P.R. China, 2006

Importance of SO2 Oxidation to high dust SCR (pdf, 2.16 MB)
by Morten Thellefsen Nielsen, Haldor Topsoe
Presented at DOE/NETL conference on SCR and SNCR for NOx control, 2003

Mercury oxidation over selective catalyst reduction (SCR) catalyst (pdf, 174 KB)
by Karin Madsen, Joakim Reimer Thøgersen, Flemming Frandsen and Anker Degn Jensen, Haldor Topsoe, 2012
Presentet at Power-Gen Europe 2012, Cologne, Germany

NOx reduction on gas turbines (pdf, 1.85 MB)
by Flemming Hansen and Peter Lindenhoff, Haldor Topsoe
Published in Turbomachinery International, July/August 2005

NPRA paper, 2010, AM-10-106
(pdf, 766 KB)

An Overview of the FCCU SCR Experience at CITGO’s Lemont Refinery

by Mr. Dennis L. Salbilla, Haldor Topsøe, Mr. Brian Slemp, CITGO Petroleum Corporation, Mr. Matt Cordina, CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Oxidation of mercury on DNX catalysts (pdf, 534 KB)
by Henrik Guldberg Pedersen, Karsten Pedersen, Haldor Topsoe, and Lars Storm Pedersen, Henrik Rostgaard, Energi E2
Presented at Air Quality V: Mercury, Trace Elements, SO3, and Particulate Matter Conference, Arlington, VA, 2005

SCR DeNOx and silencing technology for diesel engines (pdf, 1.66 MB)
by Per-Nicolai Christoffersen, Haldor Topsoe, and Svend Frederiksen, Søren Ærendal Mikkelsen, Silentor Novum A/S

SCR design issues in thermal power plants (pdf, 784 KB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm, Peter Lindenhoff, Sergey Safronov, Haldor Topsoe
Presented at Russia Power, Moscow, Russia, 2008

SCR of NOx emmisions from gas turbines with minimal impact on plant performance (pdf, 302 KB)
by Hans Jensen-Holm and Peter Lindenhoff, Haldor Topsoe
Presented at Power-Gen Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2008

The influence of biomass burning in the design of an SCR (pdf, 2.86 MB)
by Mario Crespi, Magnus Porle, Dr. Ann-Charlotte Larsson, Raffaella La Civita, Alstom Power
Anders Rooma Nielsen, Haldor Topsoe
Presented at PowerGen Europe, 2008