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Sulfur Removal

Protect you profit with our Smarter Sulfur Solutions

Sulfurous emissions standards are tightening worldwide, forcing industrial, chemical, refining, and metallurgical operations to compromise profitability to meet legal requirements. Sometimes a crystal-ball approach is needed when dealing with sulfurous emissions. Planning requires forward-thinking that takes both compliance and profitability into consideration.

With our Smarter Sulfur Solutions program, we provide you with the know-how, technology, and services needed to keep your operation running smoothly and compliantly. Each solution is optimized for a cost-effective lifecycle to protect your profit.

Smarter Sulfur Solutions solve your challenges

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)

  • SNOX™ technology removes SO2, NOx, particulates and mercury from flue gases without limestone consumption and without generating waste materials.

Sulfur Recovery (SRU)

  • WSA technology recovers sulfur from waste streams in the form of concentrated, commercial grade sulfuric acid in a highly energy efficient way.
  • TopClaus® technology combines the well-known Claus technology with WSA to recover sulfur from H2S gases in the form of elemental sulfur in the most efficient way, both with respect to CAPEX and OPEX. TopClaus® is applicable for green-field projects and revamps.

Upgrading of fuel gasses

  • Our SweetPlus™ technology removes sulfur compounds and other troublesome compounds from fuel gases, making them easier to utilize as fuel or feedstock for chemical production.

Regeneration of spent acid

  • With SmartSAR™ you get a highly economical and well-proven spent acid regeneration technology. This compact solution produces no waste and is highly energy efficient.

Topsoe offers a full range of solutions for dealing with sulfur emissions. When you partner with us, you gain access to a comprehensive range of technical services and innovative solutions that are designed to comply with increasingly stringent emissions standards. We also deliver licensing, basic engineering, and connected analytics services – and we offer the industry’s most extensive and advanced range of catalysts.

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