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Oxygen removal


O2Xtract™ is a catalytic oxidation solution used to cost-efficiently remove traces of oxygen from gas streams, thus ensuring production of high-purity gases, and compliance with the strictest specifications. Topsoe’s O2Xtract™ is crucial in the production processes for green ammonia, hydrogen, methanol, or in the upgrade of renewable natural gas and purification of CO2.  

Due to the ability of O2Xtract™ to perform well at low temperatures, the solution is particularly suited for water electrolysis by alkaline cells to ensure higher purity of the product streams. 


The catalysts applied for O2Xtract™ are based on precious metals on a carrier.

The main advantages of the O2Xtract™ technology
  • Ensuring the highest purity of H2 in connection to alkaline water electrolyzes 
  • Simple process flow 
  • Low operating temperature 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Easy installation and operation

At Topsoe, we have over 80 years of experience with high-quality catalyst and with the full supply chain of methanol, hydrogen, and ammonia production. This means we have a thorough understanding of the entire process you intend to use O2Xtract™ for and can provide you the with the best technology and service for your plant. 

Full supply chain understanding with Topsoe
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