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Energize your business with proven ammonia cracking at scale

Bridging the supply-demand gap of hydrogen 

Climate change is one of humanity's biggest challenges, and the planet's demand for low-carbon, high purity energy product is at an all-time high. 

Hydrogen is often referred to as 'the fuel of the future' and is expected to play an important role in our strive towards net zero.

But hydrogen's potential for becoming a viable and sustainable energy option for the future faces a significant barrier. Its scalable, low-carbon, and low-cost production is not always co-located with demand, and it is notoriously difficult to store and transport. Without a global-scale storage and transportation solution to bridge the supply-demand gap, worldwide availability of hydrogen will become difficult. 

Enter ammonia as a hydrogen carrier and proven ammonia cracking at scale 

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Ammonia cracking: [Re]route to better energy

Ammonia is the ideal hydrogen carrier for long-distance transport at scale. And for good reason. Ammonia's long-standing use in the industrial fertilizer and chemical sectors has created a well-established infrastructure which could facilitate a smooth transition for hydrogen energy distribution. 

Ammonia also stands out as the carbon-free liquid possessing the highest energy and hydrogen density. And it is also relatively easy to transport and distribute over long distances. This is due to its ability to be liquified and maintained in liquid form for extended periods at ambient pressure, with cooling to temperatures below -33°C being easily achievable. 

An efficient ammonia cracking solution that can convert ammonia back into hydrogen, is all that's needed to release ammonia's potential as energy carrier.

At Topsoe, this energy-efficient solution is called H2RetakeTM.

Advantages of ammonia as an energy carrier
  • Well-established infrastructure
  • Scalable supply
  • Low-carbon and renewable production routes
  • Global supply chain
  • The carbon-free liquid possessing the highest energy and hydrogen density
  • Diverse off-take channels
  • Easy to liquify and transport
  • Can be stored at atmospheric pressure and modest cooling
  • Crackable energy carrier


H2RetakeTM - proven and scalable ammonia cracking

Topsoe's commercially proven and highly energy-efficient ammonia cracking solution H2RetakeTM, allows energy producers worldwide the ability to convert ammonia back into high-purity hydrogen efficiently and with the lowest levelized cost. 

Profit from decades of industrial experience in large-scale industrial ammonia cracking. Topsoe is a leading supplier of ammonia cracking technology and catalysts - ready to decarbonize power plants, transportation, or hard-to-abate sectors.

H2RetakeTM in brief

  • Market-leading energy efficiency of 96%
  • A flexible solution that can be adjusted to meet project demands
  • 100-3,400 MTPD ammonia single-line capacity range
  • H2 quality up to 99.999%
  • Any commercial-grade ammonia feed source can be used
  • Building on more than 100 years of accumulated industrial experience
  • Default fuel option with zero CO2 emission. External fuel, such as natural gas, is optional
Read more about H2RetakeTM 

Release the energy potential in ammonia through a solution that's efficient, flexible, and proven

Reference plant Arroyito, Argentina

H2Retake is backed by decades of industrial experience in large-scale industrial ammonia cracking. Our reference plant in Arroyito, Argentina, holds a capacity of up to 2,400 MTPD, and is optimized to perform exceptionally well under ammonia cracking conditions. All the core components of H2Retake, including catalyst technology and supporting solutions, have achieved a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 9. This places us in a unique market position to deliver both process and catalyst guarantees. 

On-demand webinar: Unlock the full potential of ammonia

Ammonia cracking is the ‘talk of the town’. And for good reason. By enabling ammonia as a hydrogen-carrier, it allows for long-distance transport of hydrogen, that will help industries transition towards renewable and low-carbon energy. Join the hype around ammonia cracking with our on-demand webinar. Covering everything you need to know about ammonia cracking and our advanced cracking technology, H2Retake™. 

Watch the On-demand here

Working with Topsoe

When you choose Topsoe as your ammonia cracking partner, we can help you seamlessly integrate H2RetakeTM technology into existing plants or develop your solution from the bottom up with reduced investment costs. 

Our catalysts, technology, and expert support simplify ammonia cracking, providing a consolidated foundation for high-purity hydrogen production at scale. 

With industry-leading ammonia offtake technologies and a comprehensive understanding of available solutions, our tech-agnostic approach guarantees the application of the best-suited solution to your project.

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