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June 26, 2023

FORESIGHT Magazine Interviews Topsoe's Sylvain Verdier on Advancing Sustainable Aviation Fuel

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy's Energy Enablers podcast sheds light on the individuals and companies driving the transition to a decarbonized economy. In a recent episode, Sylvain Verdier, Senior Business Strategy Manager for Strategy & Innovation at Topsoe, shared his expertise on the crucial topic of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), the key solution to decarbonize aviation. 


With the aviation industry intensifying its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, Sylvain provides  insights into the challenges, opportunities, and the role of governments in accelerating the adoption of SAFs.

In the podcast, Sylvain addresses some of the central dilemmas faced by the aviation industry and its supply chains, including how to select the most effective short- and long-term pathways for producing SAFs and feedstock availability.

Recognizing the critical role of governments in supporting the transition to sustainable aviation fuels, Sylvain provides valuable insights on how policymakers can facilitate progress. He emphasizes the importance of regulatory frameworks, incentives, and long-term policy commitments to encourage investments in SAF production facilities.

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