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Sustainable Aviation Fuels


Catalysis Forum Program

Tijmen van Loon, SkyNRG   SAF policy & market outlook until 2050 DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Patrick Le Clercq, German Aerospace Center (DLR)  Emissions and non-CO2 effect reductions by burning SAF  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Jean-Philippe Belières, Boeing Commercial Airplanes   The perspective of aircraft manufacturers on SAF  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Gael Corre, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT  Modular Fischer-Tropsch technologies for decentralised SAF production  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Harald Dialer, HCS Group  Alcohol to SAF from the perspective of a European producer   DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Wolter Prins, Ghent University   Opportunities for biomass fast pyrolysis in the production of SAF  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Marcus Temke, Carbon Engineering Ltd. Direct Air Capture: a clean and unlimited source of carbon for e-fuels  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION


Nikolaj Ager Hamann, Seaborg 


New nuclear and its role in e-fuels and SAF  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
James Shogren-Harris, The University of Alabama 
Direct conversion of ethanol to butene-rich olefins over metal containing zeolites: Probing active site identities and reaction pathways  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
Jörg Sauer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT 
CO2 to methanol to jet fuel – Recent developments at KIT-IKFT  DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION
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