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The development of better materials for use in rechargeable batteries is key to the future of many industries. Drawing on the know-how from Topsoe’s many years of in-depth experience with catalysis and materials science, from product development at the nanoscale to fully industrialized manufacturing at the ton-scale, we are now developing next-generation battery materials for rechargeable batteries that will be safer, lighter, more durable, faster to charge, more powerful and more cost-effective.

Our main focus is on developing and optimizing cathode materials that address increasingly important issues relating to cost and the raw materials supply chain.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Topsoe LNMO cathode material is a cobalt-free high-voltage (5V) spinel for use in next-generation lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

LNMO (LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4) battery chemistry has numerous advantages. The high working potential and high energy density pave the way to either longer operating ranges or a smaller battery package, whilst the three-dimensional spinel structure makes it possible to achieve high discharge rates and fast battery charging. The absence of cobalt and the relatively low nickel content make this a cost-effective alternative to today’s mainstream lithium-ion battery chemistries. 

Learn more about the unique performance characteristics of the LNMO cathode material in this blog post.

We believe that successful battery development derives from close collaboration between the customer, the cell manufacturer and the battery chemistry supplier. Topsoe therefore continues to invest substantial R&D efforts into customer-specific programs, to jointly engineer the specific battery solution that will keep you at the forefront of lithium-ion battery performance.

The on-going production scale-up means Topsoe will be able to support our customers with ton-scale production of Topsoe LNMO cathode material from 2021.

Partnering up for the future

The battery industry can benefit from Topsoe’s unique technology and materials science capabilities to develop the cathode materials best suited for specific applications.

For LNMO, our ambition is to develop optimized cathode materials for use in automotive electric vehicles by entering into appropriate partnerships. We believe this will be the best way to secure our technology and IP portfolio a place in the market, and to establish large-scale production that is able to meet the stringent demands of the future.

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Sodium-ion (Na-ion)

Through our partnership with Faradion, we are able to provide long-life sodium-ion cathode materials that feature a high energy density. 

Commercial scale production of these materials will begin 2021, but we are already able to support customers with pilot-scale batch sizes.

Faradion is currently leading the field in sodium-ion battery technology, which is inherently more cost-effective than comparable lithium-ion technologies. Faradion’s sodium-ion technology provides an effective drop-in replacement solution for lead-acid batteries.


If you are working on a battery project and are looking for ways to optimize battery performance, we suggest you contact us to hear how we can help – whatever anode and electrolyte you may be using.

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