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Turn the key to the energy revolution

Hydrogen is recognized as the foundational element of heavy-industry decarbonization, but ensuring sustainable, large-scale availability ranks among the global energy revolution’s biggest and most expensive challenges. Thankfully, we love a challenge, and we now possess the means of solving it. 
With the goal of rendering carbon-intensive industry a thing of the past, we have developed cost-competitive technologies for the production of green hydrogen. Linked to renewable infrastructure, offerings like the SOEC electrolyzer and eSMR electrified reactor will normalize Power-to-X around the world. The result will be nothing less than a fundamental paradigm shift in the nature of the fuels and chemicals we use every day. 

Whether it’s used on-site, or stored in green ammonia for safe transport, the hydrogen you produce with our technology will help usher in an era of unparalleled energy efficiency. All that’s needed is the will to get started.

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