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Remove pollutants and trap dust

CataFlex™ is designed to treat off-gases in high-dust environments 

TOPSOE™’s catalytic filter bags are designed to give any facility the option of treating off-gases along with trapping dust. Designed for use in most industries that require flue gas cleaning, the CataFlex™ catalytic filter bag consists of a catalytic fabric layer installed inside a standard filter bag. Both the catalyst formula and the fabric material for the catalytic inner layer and the dust filtration layer are optimized according to the process requirements – eliminating the need for costly, space-demanding tail-end gas removal equipment.

Benefits of using CataFlex™ include:

  • Removes dust and multiple gaseous compounds in a single step
  • No need for costly, space consuming tail-end SCR equipment
  • Low pressure drop means no need for costly new ID fans or compressed air
  • Bags can be inserted into existing filter houses to provide an affordable drop-in upgrade
  • Service life and pressure drop are comparable to conventional fabric filters
  • No contact between catalyst and potentially harmful particles

FAQ — CataFlex™ catalytic filter bags

Can I simply replace my current fabric filter bags with CataFlex™?

Yes, we custom manufacture CataFlex™ to fit your tube sheet and cage specifications. To reduce NOx, a reducing agent like NH3 will need to be present/injected upstream the filter.

Does the pressure drop increase when using CataFlex™ compared to conventional fabric filter bags?

No, the main part of the pressure drop is caused by the PTFE membrane and not the impregnated catalyst. On top of this, after pre-coating when a filter cake has accumulated on the surface of the filter bag, you will not be able to see any difference between conventional filter bags and CataFlex™.

How often will I need to replace the catalytic filter bags?

The lifetime of CataFlex™ is similar to conventional fabric filter bags. The mechanical stability is the same and the catalyst is well protected from poisoning by the filter cake accumulated on the filter bag surface.

What happens to the dioxins/furans when CataFlex™ is installed?

The dioxins/furans are converted to harmless gaseous species when passing the catalytic fabric allowing them to be emitted through the stack. Unlike dioxin capture by injection of activated carbon, no dioxin containing residues (fly ash nor sludge) need to be handled.


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