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Exceptional halogen tolerance - excellent oxidation performance

The new CK-395 combines the best of two worlds: high tolerance towards halogens (chlorine, bromide, fluorine) embodied as an efficient oxidation catalyst for VOC abatement.


The TOPSOE™ CK-395 catalyst is a newly developed improvement of the well proven CK-305 and CK-306 catalysts. It is specifically designed to operate in environments with high concentrations of halogens, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, or waste water treatment processes.

Easy handling

The former CK-305 and CK-306 catalysts both contained chromium oxides, and special precautions thus had to be taken when loading. Now, handling is simple with the CK-395 catalyst as it only consists of fairly harmless manganese oxides and alumina.


The CK-395 is a base-metal oxide catalyst with an excellent catalyst performance.

Wide temperature window

Due to the special preparation technique, the CK-395 catalyst is able to operate in a wide temperature range without losing its performance.