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    Chloride absorbent

    Chloride in feedstocks can pose a serious threat to ammonia and hydrogen plant productivity if allowed to poison downstream catalysts or harm equipment. Our HTG-10 chloride absorbent eliminates this risk and safeguards your operations.

    Ideally positioned between your hydrogenation catalyst and your zinc oxide sulfur absorbent, the HTG-10 effectively absorbs any inorganic chloride your feedstocks might contain, thanks to its high-capacity potassium active sites and special alumina carrier.

    Chloride removal across wide temperature range

    An optimized chemical and structural design makes the HTG-10 uniquely capable of removing chloride under a wide range of operating temperatures. Compounding the advantages of potassium active sites and the alumina carrier, the HTG-10 features an optimized pore system that can handle approximately 10% more chloride per cubic meter of reactor volume compared to its predecessor – while also removing other halogens, such as fluorides, bromides and iodides.

    Flexible and easy-to-use

    The HTG-10 normally operates in conjunction with and under the same operating conditions as your desulfurization catalysts, with operating temperatures dictated by your hydrogenation catalyst (normally between 300 and 400°C).

    As a plug-and-play absorbent, the HTG-10 does not require any special procedures during loading or start-up.

    Maximum utilization

    Thanks to its steep absorption front, the HTG-10 ensures maximum utilization of the absorbent and reactor volume – and the full benefit of effective chloride removal. 

    Uniform absorption of chloride, thanks to an even distribution of active sites throughout the spherical pellet, is another feature of HTG-10 that ensures full absorbent utilization. The spherical shape of HTG-10 has the additional advantage of maximizing packing density and mechanical strength, resulting in long-lasting and superior chloride removal per unit volume of the reactor.


    • High absorption capacity
    • Flexible and easy-to-use
    • Maximum utilization
    • High mechanical strength

    Technical specs

    • K2CO3: >20 wt%
    • Carrier: Alumina
    • Shape: Sphere
    • Size: 3-5 mm
    • Operating temperature range: 100–400°C