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Zinc oxide absorbent

The diverse feedstocks in use today have made variations in gas composition and concentration commonplace, and technologies that protect downstream catalysts from poisoning are increasingly important.

The HTZ-3 is a high-density zinc oxide absorbent for feedstocks with high sulfur concentrations. Proven at numerous facilities around the world, it will give your plant a cost-effective, reliable means of protecting downstream catalysts from sulfur.


  • High sulfur capacity
  • Unmatched zinc oxide purity
  • Cost-effective, reliable performance

Technical specs

  • Size: 4 mm
  • Shape: Extrudate
  • ZnO: >99 wt%
  • Typical temperature range: 300–400°C

Exceptional sulfur capacity

The HTZ-3 delivers exceptional sulfur absorption thanks to its high density and a carefully designed pore structure that maximizes access to the interior of the extrudates. Optimal utilization of the extrudate mass also extends the absorbent’s lifetime.

Only the purest zinc oxide

In addition to its superior design, the HTZ-3 is produced using only the highest-quality zinc oxide. The result is unmatched zinc oxide purity – exceeding 99%. This means a very high sulfur capacity and assurance that no impurities from the absorbent will poison often sensitive downstream catalysts.

Cost-effective and reliable

TOPSOE™ HTZ absorbents have been proving their value for over 45 years, with thousands of charges supplied and customer feedback showing consistent high quality. Cost-effective and proven reliable, the HTZ-3 is the most sensible choice for downstream catalyst protection against high sulfur concentrations.