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Low temperature shift catalyst

TOPSOE™’s standard LTS catalyst LK-821-2 is a high-copper catalyst based on oxides of copper, zinc and aluminum.  Global recognition of the superiority of the LK-821-2 has been demonstrated by industrial data through the years, making it the most widely used LTS catalyst in the world.


LK-821-2 is used in ammonia and hydrogen plants for the conversion of carbon monoxide via the water-gas shift reaction.

High and stable activity 

The high activity of LK-821-2 is the result of advanced optimization of composition and production method. The copper oxide content of the catalyst is finely dispersed in order to obtain a large copper surface area, which gives not only high but also stable activity after reduction. An important advantage of this particular feature is the ability to operate at minimum inlet temperatures to the reactor, which maximizes CO conversion and subsequent production of hydrogen and ammonia.

Protection against sulfur poisoning

The presence of free zinc oxide in LK-821-2 and the other LK catalysts combined with an unsurpassed chemisorption capacity provides the catalyst with an outstanding tolerance towards sulfur poisoning. LK catalysts virtually act as their own sulfur guard by capturing any incoming sulfur in the upper part of the catalyst bed.