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Low temperature shift catalyst

TOPSOE™’s low methanol LTS catalyst LK-823 is developed in response to the increasing concern for methanol by-product formation over LTS catalysts. Similar to LK-821-2 catalysts, it is based on oxides of copper, zinc, and aluminum. LK-823 differs in being promoted with a small amount of cesium leading to obtaining improved selectivity.


LK-823 is used in ammonia and hydrogen plants for the conversion of carbon monoxide via the water-gas shift reaction. LK-823 is cesium promoted for minimum methanol by-product formation.

Reduction in methanol formation

A significant advantage of LK-823 is the reduction of methanol by-product formation by a factor of 8 to 10. This reduction is possible due to a small amount of promoter material, which is added to the catalyst with no compromise on activity. The advantages of lower methanol formation include additional hydrogen available for downstream processes, which further improves the plant owner’s bottom line. 

Today, LK-823 is the preferred choice within the industry within lowering methanol emissions for meeting industry regulations on by-production formation without incurring additional equipment costs.