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Low temperature shift catalyst

TOPSOE™’s premium LTS catalyst LK-853 FENCE™ is our latest generation of LTS catalyst and takes our industry-leading position one step further. LK-853 FENCE™ possesses an activity that is unparalleled in today’s market of LTS catalysts, as well as other features including minimal methanol formation and a superior tolerance against poisons.

As a consequence,  you can expect to achieve the best possible performance from your LTS reactor and an exceptional conversion of carbon monoxide during the entire lifetime of the catalyst.


LK-853 FENCE™ is used in ammonia and hydrogen plants for the conversion of carbon monoxide via the water-gas shift reaction. LK-853 FENCE™ is cesium promoted for minimum methanol by-product formation.

FENCE™ technology

The features of LK-853 FENCE™ are the result of TOPSOE™’s unique FENCE™ technology. FENCE™ technology includes careful selection of raw materials, modification of the composition, and extensive optimization of the production method.

More specifically, metal oxides are used as barriers between the nano-sized copper particles of the LTS catalyst creating a “picket fence”. This type of structure stabilizes and separates the copper particles. As a result, the active copper crystals are prevented from sintering, which is well known to be the main deactivation mechanism of the LTS catalyst.

Stabilization and separation of the copper particles also results in a larger available copper surface area. The increased surface area is directly proportional to the sulfur absorption capacity as well as poison uptake.

Consequently, incorporation of TOPSOE™’s FENCE™ technology in the LTS catalyst has proved successful in increasing and preserving its superior activity and in increasing its poison resistance and lifetime