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The chlorine guard catalyst

TOPSOE™’s LSK-2 is a guard catalyst designed to protect the MTS and LTS catalysts against chlorine for many years due to its unique composition with unmatched chlorine capacity. 


LSK-2 is a top layer guard catalyst used to protect the bulk MTS and LTS catalysts from chlorine poisoning.

Managing the chlorine challenge

MTS and LTS catalysts are seriously poisoned even by trace amounts of chlorine, which migrate through the catalyst bed, causing loss of active copper surface area due to sintering. LSK-2 has a capacity for chlorine, which significantly exceeds that of other water gas shift guard catalysts and, equally important, it captures the chlorine effectively. A further advantage of the LSK-2 catalyst is its tolerance for water droplets, thus avoiding sudden pressure drop increases. This tolerance is particularly beneficial during plant shutdowns and restarts, where LSK-2 will protect the lower catalyst.