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    Methanol synthesis catalyst

    MK-121 methanol synthesis catalyst is developed to match the requirements of methanol producers today in an increasingly competitive market place. Based on an optimized copper dispersion, MK-121 ensures a high preservation of the initial high catalyst activity as well as an improved stability.


    MK-121 offers a high flexibility in the operation allowing it to be used at a wide range of feed gasses, including gasses from:

    • Coal gasification
    • Reforming of natural gas or coke-oven gas

    MK-121 guarantees high conversion and carbon efficiency during a prolonged service life. Lower by-product level in the crude methanol is achieved by meticulous catalyst design and production.

    Technical specs

    • Size (mm): Ø6 x 4
    • Typical loading density (kg/m3): 1200–1300