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Methanol synthesis catalyst

In the methanol business, a high on-stream factor, as well as carbon and energy efficiency, are critical to plant profitability. Our MK-151 FENCE™ methanol synthesis catalyst delivers documented industry-leading performance and stability, resulting in production gains over the catalyst’s lifetime that will enable you to far exceed your initial target.

High and stable production rate

High performance over the long run is essential for profitable methanol production, and the MK-151 FENCE™ is a proven performer. The FENCE™ technology gives the catalyst its unique catalytic activity and stability which results in higher methanol production rates and in significantly longer catalyst lifetimes compared with competing brands.

Low and stable pressure drop

The mechanical strength of methanol synthesis catalysts is one of the most important factors for a reliable and efficient performance of a methanol synthesis loop. A low mechanical strength of a catalyst can lead to rapid pressure drop increases, which can result in inefficient operation of the synthesis loop and even premature catalyst replacement. Strength measurements of spent samples of MK-151 FENCE™ demonstrate that it is significantly stronger than competing brands, and with MK-151 FENCE™ you can count on a low and stable pressure drop throughout the catalyst lifetime.

FENCE™ technology prevents copper sintering

The basic principle of the FENCE™ technology is to stabilize the finely dispersed copper nanoparticles in the catalyst by creating a separation between them of multiple oxide particles. The FENCE™ technology creates a picket fence of metal oxide crystals that prevent sintering of the copper crystals, which ensures high stability of the active sites over the catalyst lifetime.