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Pre-reduced methanation catalyst

PK-7R is a pre-reduced ring-shaped methanation catalyst for conversion of carbon oxides to methane. 


PK-7R is used for conversion of carbon oxides to methane in ammonia plants, hydrogen plants and SNG plants.

In SNG plants, PK-7R is used in conjunction with MCR-2, MCR-2X or MCR-8 catalysts.

Reduced operating expenses

Compared to conventional sphere- or cylindrical-shaped methanation catalysts, the ring-shaped PK-7R enables 30-70% lower pressure drop. This leads to very significant savings over the years, as less compression energy is required when operating with PK-7R. 

Proven performance for decades

On-spec synthesis gas is the key to reliable performance in many chemical plants, and the unmatched activity of PK-7R will give you the maximum conversion of CO and CO2 with lifetimes often exceeding 20 years. In many applications, PK-7R can be short-loaded and still provide on-spec synthesis gas for more than a decade.

Fast and easy start-up

The PK-7R is delivered in a pre-reduced state which is stabilized for safe handling at ambient conditions. No special activation procedure is required, as the methanation reaction simply starts immediately when the catalyst is exposed to process gas at normal operating conditions. Compared to unreduced methanation catalysts, this results in a much faster start-up, leading to higher profits.