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Low ammonia tubular reforming catalyst

RA-67-7H is TOPSOE™'s low ammonia formation catalyst for steam reforming.


RA-67-7H is unreduced and used in tubular reformers for steam reforming of light feedstocks such as natural gas. For reforming of feedstocks ranging from heavy natural gas to LPG and for operation under high heat flux conditions such as in top-fired steam reformers, RA-67-7H is used in combination with TOPSOE™’s series of alkali-promoted catalysts.

High activity and low ammonia formation

In some plants, typically methanol plants operating with nitrogen in the natural gas, it is beneficial to lower the ammonia concentration after the tubular reformer. First of all, ammonia will consume valuable hydrogen but it will also combine with the methanol produced in the methanol synthesis loop to form methylamines which result in lower product purity, higher distillation costs and possible odor problems

The RA-67-7H is specially promoted to reduce the ammonia at the outlet of the reformer by approximately one-third of the amount typically observed with TOPSOE™’s R-67-7H. RA-67-7H should be installed in the warmest, i.e. lower portion of the reformer tubes.