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Heat exchange reforming catalyst

The RC-87 HEAT-X™  is a nickel-based non-alkali pre-reduced catalyst for heat exchange steam reforming, which features unmatched mechanical stability across the temperature range. 


The RC-87 HEAT-X™ is used in TOPSOE™’s HTCR, HTER, TBR, and other heat-exchange reformer designs. It is either the sole catalyst installed downstream from a pre-reformer, or, in the case of heavy-feed setups, it is installed below an alkali catalyst, such as our R-88(R)- HEAT-X™.

Stable activity and low pressure drop

R-87 HEAT-X™ is a non-alkali catalyst with a carrier based on the robust hibonite calcium aluminate phase. The hibonite phase is created by addition of TiO2 and combined with the use of novel impregnation techniques, the catalyst becomes more stable towards sintering than other calcium aluminate products on the market. Therefore, the RC-87 HEAT-X™ can offer the same unmatched high activity. The catalyst is produced in the classic seven-hole cylindrical shape, which yields both a very low pressure drop and a high external surface area.