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Tubular reforming catalyst

With the RK-500 TITAN™ catalyst we have combined the superior carbon resistance of our conventional alkali catalysts with the unmatched stability of the low pressure drop RC-67 TITAN™. The catalyst is produced in the seven-hole cylindrical shape which yields both a very low pressure drop and a high external surface area. The very stable carrier material ensures that these properties are maintained during the catalyst lifetime.

The carrier is based on the robust hibonite calcium aluminate phase. The high concentration of hibonite is created by adding titanium dioxide the addition of TiO2 during the production and together with novel impregnation techniques the result is a catalyst that delivers unmatched protection against carbon formation under a wide range of operating conditions and stable high activity.


  • Superior resistance to carbon formation and enhanced activity
  • Low pressure drop thanks to an optimized geometric shape
  • Very high stability
  • Longer catalyst lifetimes
  • Easy start-up