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Oxygen-fired secondary and autothermal reforming catalyst 

Designed to improve the performance of your plant, the new RKA-10 catalyst helps you to optimize the run length of your oxygen-fired reformers. The unique catalyst formulation makes it highly active and thermally stable at the high temperature in the top of the bed, making it the ideal top layer catalyst for oxygen-fired reformers.


  • Increased run length between catalyst skimming/change
  • High thermal and chemical stability
  • Exceptional activity

Increased run length

The RKA-10 top layer catalyst together with the main bed RKS catalyst are optimized to be able to accumulate ruby originating from upstream the catalyst bed. The overall benefit is the lowest possible increase in pressure drop and a longer run length.

Optimal performance at high capacity

The RKA-10 top layer catalyst with its unique noble metal-promoted system ensures high-temperature stability and conversion even at high flow velocity through the catalyst zone. RKA-10 enables a high production capacity in your oxygen-fired reformer.

High thermal and chemical stability

The active material in RKA-10 consists of a thermally robust noble metal and nickel alloy. This alloy limits sintering and promotes a large surface area, which results in a high activity under the harsh conditions in the top of the catalyst bed.

Application – top layer catalyst

RKA-10 is used as a top layer catalyst for oxygen-fired secondary and autothermal reformers above a main catalyst bed of the RKS type catalyst. The loading scheme would typically be  RKA-10, RKS-2, and RKS-2-7H. The combined loading scheme gives optimal performance with regard to conversion and pressure drop.