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Raise the bar on N2O abatement with TertiNOx™ 

Reducing N2O emissions from nitric acid units is a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. TOPSOE™’s tertiary process raises the bar even higher by using TertiNOx™ catalysts to help companies save while reducing N2O by as much as 99%.

In addition, TertiNOx™ is highly active for NOx removal and will ensure compliance with NOx regulations while removing N2O.
When deployed in the tail gas, the TertiNOx™ will help you realize significant savings from the CO2 market. At the same time, your operations will benefit from: 

  • Low pressure drop
  • Combined N2O and NOx removal
  • Higher production throughput
  • Increased steam production
  • Higher expander duty

It’s also good to know that unlike catalyst pellets, you can install TOPSOE™’s monolith in your current reactor, or deploy a smaller, simpler reactor design.

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