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Hydrogenation catalyst

TK-250 is TOPSOE™’s well-proven ring-shaped hydrogenation catalyst for syngas applications. TK-250 is a cobalt molybdenum oxide catalyst on an alumina carrier. This catalyst efficiently converts organic sulfur and olefins, thereby protecting costly downstream catalysts.


TK-250 is used for hydrogenation of sulfur, chlorine and unsaturated compounds in hydrocarbon feeds ranging from natural gas to naphtha.

High hydrogenation activity

TK-250 is based on an optimized alumina carrier with high surface area and pore volume, ensuring easy access of the reactants to the interior of the catalyst. The active cobalt and molybdenum metals are finely dispersed on the alumina carrier, which provides TK-250 with a high hydrogenation activity.

Ring-shaped for low pressure drop

A valuable benefit of the ring-shaped TK-250 is the added protection against increasing pressure drop caused by dust or other contaminants present in the feed. Under such conditions, the effective catalyst lifetime can be significantly increased by selecting TK-250.