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TK-449 SiliconTrap™

Replacing TK-439, TK-449 SiliconTrap™ has the highest silicon pick-up capacity of all the TK-400 series catalysts. This catalyst is used as a guard bed catalyst in units with severe silicon contamination.

TK-449 SiliconTrap™ does not contain any metals and should therefore be used in combination with TK-447 SiliconTrap™ and/or TK-441 SiliconTrap™ if desulfurization and denitrifications are also required.

The catalyst system should be designed with an optimized graded bed system to minimize pressure drop on top of a combination of TK-441 SiliconTrap™, TK-447 SiliconTrap™ and TK-449 SiliconTrap™. This will result in a significantly longer cycle length of any coker naphtha unit compared with operation on other typical naphtha hydrotreating catalysts. 

Used in process

Catalyst Poison Removal Hydrotreating

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