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TK-569 HyBRIM™

TK-569 HyBRIM™ belongs to the new generation of extremely high-active catalysts based on the novel HyBRIM™ technology. It provides exceptionally high hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) and hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity, along with aromatic saturation and conversion into lighter products. The enhanced aromatic saturation improves the product density and yield a high volume swell for the liquid product. The HyBRIM™ technology process ensures high catalyst stability when processing both straight-run and cracked distillate fractions. 

TK-569 HyBRIM™ is optimized to yield the highest desulfurization and denitrogenation volume activity when applied in medium to high pressure mild hydrocrackers, FCC pretreaters and diesel applications.

Studies have shown that besides the high HDS activity, TK-569 HyBRIM™ has a very high HDN activity in naphtha and kerosene service. Therefore, it is the optimum choice for naphtha and kerosene hydrotreaters processing nitrogen-rich feedstocks such as FCC and coker fractions. 


  • Naphtha hydrotreating
  • Kerosene hydrotreating
  • Diesel hydrotreating
  • FCC pretreatment
  • Mild hydrocracking
  • Lube polishing