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TK-6001 HySwell™

TK-6001 HySwell™ is our new ultra high-activity NiMo catalyst for maximum volume swell. TK-6001 HySwell™ is outstanding for use as a first-stage catalyst in hydrocracking units, where removal of nitrogen and density improvement of straight-run and cracked fractions in the VGO range is essential. 

Furthermore, TK-6001 HySwell™ is the superior choice for high-severity ULSD hydrotreating units operating at medium to high pressure. TK-6001 HySwell™ is suitable for a broad range of straight-run and cracked distillate stocks. 

TK-6001 HySwell™ is especially suitable for saturation of aromatics in high-pressure units. Aromatic saturation is essential when cetane improvement, low aromatic content or high volume swell is desired.

TK-6001 HySwell™ is often loaded in combination with TK-611 HyBRIM™ for optimal utilization of catalyst activity, and for balancing the hydrogen consumption. 


  • Hydrocracker pretreat
  • Production of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) 


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