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TK-609 HyBRIM™

TK-609 HyBRIM™ is a new generation, high-activity NiMo catalyst based on the novel HyBRIM™ technology. TK-609 HyBRIM™ is optimized for use as a first-stage catalyst in hydrocrackers, where maximum HDN of straight-run and cracked fractions in the vacuum gas oil (VGO) range are essential. Furthermore, TK-609 HyBRIM™ is the superior choice for ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) hydrotreating units operating at medium to high pressure. TK-609 HyBRIM™ is suitable for both straight-run and cracked distillate stocks.

Catalysts with our HyBRIM™ formulation exhibit the highest activity, counting up to 40% higher activity for both sulfur and nitrogen removal, when compared to the BRIM® catalysts. In addition, they provide higher aromatic saturation, resulting in an increased volume swell. This means achievement of longer cycles at the same feed rate, or the ability to process tougher feeds or higher feed rates at the same cycle length.