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    TopFrax™ catalytic ceramic filter

    TopFrax™ is a patent-pending catalyst-coated ceramic filter designed to treat off-gasses in high-dust environments found in a wide range of industries and activities.

    How TopFrax™ works

    The TopFrax™ filter is based on a ceramic fiber impregnated with a particular catalytic solution. The chemical composition is made to suit the specific needs of the different customers.  A combination of dust, NOX, NH3, dioxins, CO and different VOCs can be removed in one single step. The catalyst is loaded uniformly along a well-defined fraction of the wall providing the lowest cost of compliance and ensuring undesirable reactions (e.g. SO2 oxidation). 
    In addition to their multi-compound capabilities, TopFrax™ ceramic catalytic filters are effective at temperatures as high as 400°C. Combined, these advantages can help you reduce capital expenditures by up to 40% compared to competing solutions.

    Broad spectrum of regulated pollutants

    Built on decades of leadership in filtration and catalysis, TopFrax™ can transform the economics of meeting regulatory emissions standards, removing dust and multiple gaseous compounds in one single step.


    TopFrax™ effectively blocks particulates and dust particles at the filter surface the same way conventional filters do, ensuring full compliance with stringent emission standards.
    TopFrax™ candles are made from either refractory ceramics or fibers with low bio-persistence. Both products trap dust emissions (below PM 2.5) down to 2 mg/Nm3.


    TopFrax™ use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to remove NOx from off-gas, by utilizing ammonia to convert to harmless nitrogen and water.


    The catalyst sites on TopFrax™ filters also oxidize CO and volatile organic compounds into harmless CO2 and H2O.  
    The TopFrax™ oxidation version ensures optimal combustion of VOCs with no additional emission of CO. 


    TopFrax™ also ensures compliance with limits on dioxins and furans, by treating more than 99% of these by converting them into harmless compounds and reducing their concentrations to below 0.1 ng/Nm3, TEQ.


    Reduce technology costs by up to 40%

    As the only catalytic ceramic filter of its kind, TopFrax™ delivers entirely unique cost-saving benefits – saving up to 40% compared to separate DeNOx and oxidation technologies.
    Other benefits include:

    • Simultaneous dust and multiple gaseous compounds removal in a single step 
    • No need for costly, space-demanding tail-end gas removal equipment
    • Catalytic ceramic filter accommodates temperatures as high as 400°C (752°F) 
    • No contact between catalyst and potentially harmful particles 
    • Exceptional resistance to catalyst poisoning 
    • Effective down to 180°C (356°F) operation
    • Easy to install and handle