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VK-711 LEAP5™

LEAP5™ catalysts are specifically designed for oxidizing SO3-strong gases, and are ideal for use in the last passes in single-absorption plants or in the third pass in 3+1 and 3+2 double-absorption plants.

Lower sulfur emissions, greater output or a balance of the two

LEAP5™ catalysts enable you to achieve unprecedented reductions in SO2 emissions, and make it easy to comply with stringent restrictions – both now and in the future. Using the same catalyst technology, you can also increase production whilst maintaining current levels of SO2 emissions. Or you can mix the benefits to suit your particular operating setup and market requirements. The choice is yours.

In single-absorption setups

  • Up to 55% reduction in SO2 emissions using LEAP5™ in the 4th and 5th passes of a 5-bed plant.
  • Up to 99.5% conversion (500 ppm emissions) in a new plant using LEAP5™ in the last two passes

In double-absorption setups

  • An additional 30% reduction in SO2 emissions from existing 3+1 plants that have already installed a cesium–promoted catalyst in the final pass
  • New or revamped plants can achieve 20 ppm SO2 emissions


  • Superior catalytic effect because of high fraction of vanadium in the active V5+ oxidation state
  • Significantly better catalytic activity than with standard potassium-promoted and cesium-promoted catalysts
  • Ideal for use in converted strong gases across the entire temperature range
  • Stronger feed gas makes it possible to reduce overall pressure drop
  • Lower chemical consumption in any scrubber unit

12 mm Daisy; operating temperature: 370–500°C (700–930°F); strike temperature 310°C (590°F); repeated spikes up to 650°C (1200°F)


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