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for optimal performance


The VK-WSA formulation offers excellent activity over a wide range of operating conditions and can be used in any bed of a WSA or WSA-DC converter. VK-WSA is available in the 12 mm Daisy shape and as a dust-protection catalyst in the large 25 mm Daisy shape.

12 mm Daisy: improved energy efficiency throughout the operating cycle due to low initial pressure drop

25 mm Daisy: dust protection catalyst with 100% longer on-stream time compared to the 12 mm Daisy in dusty feed gasses. A 150 mm top-layer of VK-WSA 25 mm Daisy helps to ensure high availability of the WSA unit by significantly reducing the rate of pressure drop build-up. The extra void fraction and a lower specific surface area provide the 25 mm Daisy with an excellent capacity for dust and an improved dust distribution throughout a larger depth in the bed. A top-layer of 25 mm Daisy can effectively double the on-stream time before increasing pressure drop degrades plant performance.