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The VK38 formulation provides excellent activity over a wide range of operating conditions. VK38 is the only catalyst on the market that can be used effectively in all beds of any SO2 converter. For continuous operation VK38 offers a broad temperature range of 400-630°C (750-1170°F) and can withstand repeated temperature spikes up to 650°C (1200°F). VK38 is designed to initiate the reaction at a temperature as low as 360°C (680°F), ensuring a smooth plant start-up, minimizing pre-heat time due to its superior catalyst activity.

12 mm Daisy : improved energy efficiency throughout the operating cycle due to low initial pressure drop; 25 mm Daisy dust protection catalyst with 100% longer on-stream time compared to the 12 mm Daisy in dusty feed gases; 6 mm cylinder and 10 mm ring: ensure an even gas distribution in applications with very low velocity converters.

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