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VK38+ is a new potassium-promoted catalyst from TOPSOE™ that has been proven to have higher activity than any other catalyst, regardless of which converter bed it is used in. Through its higher activity, VK38+ brings with it the potential for enhanced performance, higher efficiency and a reduced climate footprint. VK38+ provides these performance results without the cost increases that are associated with many cs-catalyst solutions. On the contrary, calculations for VK38+ show an up to 40 percent reduction of long-term catalyst spending and a payback time of just a few months.

The development of VK38+ comes at the heels of tightening legislations that pose challenges to sulfuric acidplants worldwide, many of which already operate with fully loaded converters. Operators can live up to these promises and decrease their plant’s environmental footprint by using VK38+ to help cut energy consumption, reduce scrubber chemical consumption, and increase catalyst lifetime

What tipping the scales means for your business

Sulfuric acid plants are faced with the ultimate balancing act; how to comply with local regulations while maintaining productivity and limiting costs?
Decreasing capacity and rebuilding existing plants are two options for staying compliant, but these are costly and ineffective solutions. With V38+, it’s a different story.

Sustainable, powerful, cost-effective

With this groundbreaking new catalyst, you can reduce emissions and increase production without making costly investments.

Depending on how you choose to utilize them, VK38+ catalysts can decrease pressure drop, boost production, decrease energy consumption, increase catalyst lifetime by up to 80%, and/or lower emissions. No matter your strategy, you will get better performance using fewer catalysts.

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