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eCOs™ - CO from CO₂

Produce your own CO on site

If you’re like most companies that need CO on a regular basis, you’ve probably experienced the challenges involved in sourcing CO reliable and affordably. The number of merchant CO suppliers is limited, and ever-rising transportation costs and frequent production shortages only add to the headaches.

The answer for any distributor or end user needing a steady supply of affordable CO is our eCOs™ unit. The eCOs™ unit is a safe, reliably, turnkey CO generator, housed in a container or modular units located on your own premises.

Industrial efficiency and safety continue to require innovations and changes to the way we perform all of our production, supply, transportation, and administration. The eCOs™ technologies offers increased efficiency and helps making our world safer and more sustainable by supplying specialty chemicals producers, pharmaceutical companies, gas distributors and phosgene manufacturers the technologies that drives their industry to continued growth. Benefits include:

  • Easy to operate for non-chemical operators
  • Production on-demand
  • Multiple sizes and purity options up to 99.999% (Grade 5.0)
  • Fully replaces tube trailer or cylinder supply
  • Eliminates transportation and storage of toxic gas

What is an eCOs™ unit

An eCOs™ unit is the ideal solution for any CO user, who today is relying on having their CO trucked or shipped onto the production site. The novel CO2 to CO approach allows for a much simpler separation, which in term allows for plant capacities that match the demand for typical cylinder or tube trailer users. The modular containerized design allows for a compact design and a foot print that in many cases is comparable to the tube trailer loading bay.

An eCOs™ unit is delivered as a stand-alone unit with power, CO2 and product gas connections. Our eCOs™ technology ensures high levels of purity, producing CO at 99.5% assay with minimal contaminants and CO2 as the main contaminant. An eCOs™ solution can also be customized to produce CO at 99.999% purity.

How eCOs™ works

The name eCOs™ stands for “electrolytic Carbon Monoxide solution”, and the heart of an eCOs™ unit is a solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC). At elevated temperatures, this cell efficiently reduces CO2 to CO through the electrochemical process of electrolysis.

Any remaining unconverted CO2 is removed from the CO product gas using a combination of PSA and polisher units.



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