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Renewables-optimized, available in four capacities, and modular for simplicity and fast deployment, Topsoe’s ModuLite™ eMeOH plant is a winning methanol synthesis solution built on decades of industry leadership.

A steep growth curve

The global renewable methanol market size has been forecast to increase dramatically by 2050, with an expected CAGR of 3.0% from 2021 to 2026 alone. eMethanol produced from green hydrogen and biogenic CO2 will continue to account for most of this growing market.

How do eMethanol project developers hit the market fast and stay there profitably? By choosing the right partner for their eMeOH plant.

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eMethanol and green methanol

Carbon-free fuels and other chemicals are still an emerging technology. Because of this, the terminology used to denote various products is still in flux. At Topsoe, we use the term “green methanol” to refer to any carbon-free methanol, including bio-methanol produced from waste streams. By contrast, “eMethanol” (sometimes written “e-Methanol” or abbreviated “eMeOH”) means methanol synthesized from green hydrogen and biogenic CO2.

Our formula
for eMeOH success


Topsoe has supplied methanol plants for decades. But an eMethanol production plant has to meet new needs and overcome different barriers. This led us to further develop our proven ModuLite™ solution to now feature dynamic operation for optimal handling of green hydrogen feedstock.

Assembled on site from prefabricated, truckable modules

A ModuLite™ eMeOH solution is a complete eMethanol production plant prefabricated at Topsoe’s factory and delivered by truck to the site as a set of modules, plus a few “stick-built” components. Modularity means a plug-and-play architecture, rapid deployment and less work on site – so you get revenue flowing sooner, while reducing risk and maximizing profits.

These plants come in four capacity versions – 150 to 600 MTPD. And a dynamic loop enables them to keep operating reliably as feedstock loads fluctuate. 

A proven solution

The modular design makes ModuLite™ plants particularly well suited for Power-to-X applications. But Topsoe has been working with and perfecting modular plant concepts for decades, meaning no teething problems to stand in the way of profitable eMethanol production.

Market-leading methanol loop

Topsoe’s eMethanol loop is a dynamic loop that consumes hydrogen directly as the electrolyzer produces it. This ability to adapt to fluctuations in hydrogen supply, and sustain production at low loads, reduces the risk of forced restarts and eliminates the need for costly hydrogen storage.

Built on 40 years of experience

Although our loop is optimized for use with a green hydrogen feedstock, it is by no means a new technology. We’ve been supplying methanol loops and carrying out converter revamps for over 40 years, with more than 50 references worldwide. Respected throughout the industry, our loops enable the most straightforward and effective processes possible, operate at the lowest cost, leave the smallest environmental footprint, and ensure a fast time to market.

Loop and catalyst optimized to work together

A major advantage with Topsoe loops is that we also supply the catalyst – and have delivered hundreds of charges of methanol-synthesis catalyst over the years. The loop in a Topsoe eMeOH plant uses Topsoe’s MK-417 SUSTAIN™ catalyst, developed specifically for the demanding work of synthesizing methanol from green hydrogen and biogenic CO2.


Market-leading methanol loop


The MK-417 SUSTAIN™ 
eMethanol catalyst


A catalyst is only as good as it is stable, and our MK-417 SUSTAIN maintains excellent stability – even under the severe conditions involved in converting CO2 directly to methanol. Optimized copper dispersion and optimized zinc coverage of the copper particles enable the MK-417 SUSTAIN to withstand both the high temperatures required to achieve sufficient kinetic conversion and the water formation that can otherwise accelerate deactivation.

The MK-417 SUSTAIN also boasts superior selectivity, which suppresses byproduct reactions and favors methanol formation. This high selectivity also allows for relatively low-temperature operation, which further reduces the formation of byproducts. The significantly reduced byproduct formation results in lower distillation costs and greater hydrogen and overall process efficiency.

Mechanical strength is another key factor for ensuring reliable and efficient plant performance. Low mechanical strength can lead to a rapid increase in pressure drop, resulting in inefficient plant performance and even premature catalyst replacements. The superior mechanical strength of the MK-417 SUSTAIN prevents this, ensuring high reliability and plant availability – even under the tough operating conditions required for synthesizing eMethanol directly from green hydrogen and CO2.


Excellent stability

High selectivity

High mechanical strength

 Technical specs 

Composition: Cu, ZnO, Al2O3  

Size & shape: 6×4 mm pellets

Size it up

Because supplies of the biogenic CO2 required for producing eMethanol are limited, most Power-to-X projects will be designed for output capacities of 150 to 600 MTPD. To meet this need, our ModuLite eMeOH plants are available in four capacity variants, or “tiers.”

→ Nominal capacity: 150 MTPD  

→ Product quality: Grade AA  

→ H2 consumption: 13,300 Nm3/h  

→ CO2 consumption: 4,500 Nm3/h


→ Nominal capacity: 300 MTPD  

→ Product quality: Grade AA  

→ H2 consumption: 26,600 Nm3/h  

→ CO2 consumption: 9,000 Nm3/h


TIER 3  

→ Nominal capacity: 450 MTPD  

→ Product quality: Grade AA  

→ H2 consumption: 39,900 Nm3/h  

→ CO2 consumption: 13,500 Nm3/h

TIER 4  

→ Nominal capacity: 600 MTPD  

→ Product quality: Grade AA  

→ H2 consumption: 53,200 Nm3/h  

→ CO2 consumption: 18,000 Nm3/h


eMethanol stick built option

Most eMethanol producers will be well served with one of the above solutions. However, if you require capacity above 600 MTPD or have needs that make a ModuLite solution less optimal, we can provide all the advantages of our ModuLite eMeOH solution in a well-proven Topsoe stick-built plant.


customer demand. new


Start meeting 
customer demand now

In a new market like eMethanol, first-movers and early adopters often have the most to gain. ModuLite™ eMeOH plants are prefabricated and preconfigured, easily delivered to the site by truck, and installed and commissioned very quickly. This means the plant can be up and running faster than methanol loops built on site.

The result is better performance, sooner and over a longer lifetime.

Working with Topsoe

When you partner with Topsoe for your eMethanol synthesis solution, you partner with a storied industry leader that is wholly committed to the energy transition and to innovating solutions that will enable it.

The key to our success has always been a unique symbiosis between technology and catalysts, enhanced with expert services and all built on nearly a century of solid scientific research.

At Topsoe headquarters in Denmark, our expert research and development team works constantly to improve our solutions and bring you new ones. And we offer a wide range of aftermarket services, from corrective and preventative maintenance to logistics support and staff training.

It’s all there for you when you choose Topsoe.

The eMethanol ecosystem

Alongside our ModuLite™ eMeOH plant, we offer the revolutionary Topsoe SOEC electrolyzer. Topsoe SOEC produces the green hydrogen needed for eMethanol synthesis with industry-leading efficiency and more hydrogen produced for every megawatt of energy used.



eMeOH ecosystem. smaller module


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