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Leverage the same process, but better.  Fulfill the same purpose, but bigger

Methanol may be the simplest alcohol we know of, but its applications are seemingly infinite – and so is its future. Its annual production exceeds 100 million tons worldwide, and once it begins seeing broader use as a sustainable transport fuel, methanol demand will only go up. 

But how can we decarbonize the supply?  
Rather easily, as it turns out. 

We've helped customers produce the world's most energy-efficient methanol in the past, and we know how to help them produce it in the future. The benchmark process – hydrogenation of carbon monoxide – doesn’t need to change. All that needs to change is the nature of the hydrogen and carbon monoxide used: they need to be made green. 

Fortunately, we already have a solution for that, too. 

We're unveiling new methods for electrified production, like our eREACT™ reactor and SOEC electrolyzer, and combining them with a proven portfolio of market-leading catalysts. Our goal is to empower methanol producers through reliable access to sustainable hydrogen and carbon monoxide, as well as the most energy-efficient production methods by far.  

The result? Green methanol. The outcome? Greener everything.

Watch webinar - "Electrified methanol for a more sustainable future"

How will the shift towards electrified methanol production occur? How to incorporate the latest technological solutions while taking advantage of the existing set-up?

  • Drivers for the first wave of electrified methanol plants
  • Types of projects we see developing first
  • Interconnection between electrical utilities and the chemical industry


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