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Catalytic filtration | Dust, NOx and CO removal

Authorities in many countries are tightening emissions standards by reducing permissible levels and adding new gases and particles to the list of regulated components. Compliance is costly, requiring substantial investments in new abatement technologies.

We hear producers calling not just for new technologies, but for innovation that makes compliance affordable. That’s what our TopFrax™  and CataFlex™  catalytic filters are all about. These are patent-pending catalyst-coated filters designed to treat off-gases in high-dust environments found in a wide range of industries and activities, including:

  • Glass production
  • Cement production
  • Waste incineration
  • Bio-mass boilers
  • Power plants
  • Steel production

Built on decades of leadership in filtration and catalysis, these breakthrough solutions can transform the economics of meeting regulatory emissions.

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