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Sulfur removal | Treatment of sulfurous off-gasses

2000x650 Application Treatment of sulfurous off-gasses

Remove sulfur, comply with regulation through Topsoe off-gas treatment

Removing sulfur from off-gases is vital for many industrial operations. Regulations are tightening, and operators are forced to optimize the efficiency of their downstream treatment units. Topsoe’s Wet gas Sulfuric Acid (WSA) technology converts sulfur compounds in off-gases to valuable sulfuric acid with best-in-class energy economy.

WSA manages:

  • Fluctuating feed streams

  • Low sulfur concentrations

  • Waste stream recovery

  • Multiple feed streams

  • Complex sulfur components, including CS2, H2S, SO2 – and more

In this method, concentrated sulfuric acid is made by condensing it from a wet process gas. Since the gas doesn't need to be dried before being treated in a WSA plant, it prevents wastewater production and sulfur loss.

Off-gas treatment can be complex, but with our solutions and services, you can balance the economic, environmental, and operational requirements of dealing with sulfurous off-gases.

Using Topsoe's off-gas treatment solutions for your business

Topsoe's off-gas treatment solutions are designed to help you protect your profits, reduce environmental impact, and unlock new commercial opportunities. All our solutions and services are designed for a cost-effective lifecycle, helping you save money.

Our innovative solutions can also help you lower emissions and meet regulations, reducing your environmental impact. And by turning previously wasted sulfur compounds into valuable products, you can also unlock new revenue streams. Here are some examples of how our off-gas treatment solutions can benefit specific industries:

  • Pulp & paper and Viscose - Our off-gas treatment solutions can help you recover sulfur as sulfuric acid from the mill's recovery cycle. By adding elemental sulfur to the process, the acid production meets the mill's total sulfuric acid needs. This way, there's no need to buy sulfuric acid.

  • Metallurgy: Our off-gas treatment solutions can help you recover sulfur from the smelting/roasting process off-gases and convert it into valuable sulfuric acid.

  • Amino acid: Recover sulfur from a stream of sulfurous off-gases and liquids for internal use in upstream process. You can also sell this sulfur as a new revenue stream.

No matter your industry, Topsoe can provide you with the know-how and technology you need for off-gas treatment. Our innovative solutions can help you recover sulfur, lower costs and improve your bottom line.

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