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Sulfur removal | Treatment of sulfurous off-gasses

2000x650 Application Treatment of sulfurous off-gasses

Protect your profit with cost-effective off-gas treatment solutions

Maximizing sulfur recovery from off-gasses is vital for today’s oil and gas industry. Regulations are tightening, and operators are forced to constantly optimize the efficiency of their sulfur management units.
Off-gas treatment includes several gas types, complex legal requirements, and diverse business goals and operational needs. Without the right strategy and technology, the treatment process can quickly become a heavy economic burden on your operation.
Topsoe’s solutions and services give the know-how and technology needed to strike a balance between the economic, environmental, and operational requirements that operators face when dealing with sulfurous off-gasses. Our well-proven and innovative solutions help minimize the costs associated with off-gasses and can even create new commercial opportunities that are aimed at reducing environmental impact.
For treatment of non-sulfurous off-gasses, click here. 

Convert sulfur, purify fuel gasses or desulfurize flue gas

Our WSA technology converts the sulfur compounds in off-gases to valuable sulfuric acid with the best-in-class energy economy. You can also turn sulfur compounds into elemental sulfur with our advanced TopClaus® technology. This innovative solution delivers unprecedented recovery rates and energy economy.
We can help you purify problematic fuel gasses and lower sulfur content to meet legislation with our innovative SweetPlus™ technology. Our SNOX™ technology can also help desulfurize flue gas (FGD) and remove NOx and particulates, without limestone application or gypsum production.
No matter your goals regarding off-gas treatment, we can help you with know-how, technology, and services. All our solutions and services are designed for a cost-effective lifecycle to help you protect your profit.

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