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November 11, 2019

Haldor Topsoe wins the 2019 IChemE Oil and Gas Global Award for its TIGAS™ gas-to-gasoline technology

  • Members of the Topsoe TIGAS™ technology team received the prestigious 2019 IChemE Global Award in the category ‘Oil & Gas’ at a black-tie event in Hull, UK, on Thursday evening, November 7.
  • With TIGAS™, Haldor Topsoe is the only single company in the world that offers an end-to-end gas-to-gasoline solution, including license, basic engineering, catalyst, and hardware.
  • Recently, the world’s only natural gas-to-gasoline plant in operation began production in Turkmenistan, based on Topsoe’s advanced TIGAS™ technology.

It was a proud Topsoe delegation who accepted the award on behalf of the larger group of excellent scientists, engineers, and other Topsoe employees involved in development of the unique TIGAS™ technology over many years.

Angelica Hidalgo Vivas and Finn Joensen (center), receive the IChemE Global Award Oil and Gas 2019 for the TIGAS™ technology on behalf of Topsoe.“To us, the Oil and Gas award 2019 is the culmination of decades of complex catalyst development, pilot testing, reactor design, and process engineering. The triumph with TIGAS™ today has only been possible by sharing competences and experience across our entire company. And the result has been spectacular:  The successful design, commissioning and start-up of the world-scale and only natural gas-to-gasoline facility in Turkmenistan. And we are extremely happy to receive this recognition from the renowned IChemE organization and peers in the industry,” says Kim Knudsen, Executive Vice President of Topsoe’s Sustainables Business Unit.

The Turkmenistan TIGAS™ plant has a name plate capacity of 15,500 barrels per day of on-spec RON 92 gasoline. Several other companies around the world have shown interest in the technology.

20190219 TIGAS AreaTIGAS™ is a viable technology in regions with abundant gas resources where it represents an attractive option to monetize natural gas by producing synthetic gasoline that complies with the highest environmental standards, contains no sulfur and very little unwanted byproducts, which can be sold into a local or export market.

Topsoe’s proprietary end-to-end TIGAS™ solution is based on industry-proven Topsoe technology platforms and catalysts, the key being Topsoe’s proprietary SynCOR Methanol™ and Gasoline Synthesis technologies. Topsoe offers all catalysts and technology for the process, which allows for valuable process optimization and further development. The TIGAS™ process can also be adapted to produce gasoline in compliance with varying national specifications.

Apart from Topsoe, the finalists in the Oil and Gas category were ExxonMobil Chemicals, Flour, PETRONAS Penapisan, Saudi Aramco (three entries), and University College London.

About IChemE Global Awards
The IChemE Global Awards celebrate chemical and process engineering excellence. Now in their 25th year, they are widely considered the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards and recognize outstanding projects, people and companies.

Founded in 1922, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is a multi-national institution with primary offices in the UK and Australia. It exists to advance chemical engineering’s contribution for the benefit of society. IChemE is led by members, supports members and serves society.


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