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Efficient carbon capture is essential to producing ultra-low carbon intensity blue hydrogen on a large scale. And the great news is, the technologies needed for such effective CO2 removal are already here, ready to perform. 


However, this poses a question: which carbon removal technology do you choose for your blue hydrogen facility, and why? 


The honest answer is … it depends. It depends on your carbon capture ambitions, the type of reforming technology at your disposal, your plant location and capacity, and whether you are building a new facility or revamping an existing plant – the list goes on. 


Currently, there are three relevant carbon dioxide removal processes available, and they can all be integrated with your preferred hydrogen production method – with our help. 

Process-side CO2 removal  

Once natural gas is reformed into syngas and shifted into hydrogen, CO2 can be captured prior to the hydrogen-purification stage. This form of CO2 removal is typically a solvent absorption-based process, where the CO2 gas is compressed after capture in preparation for permanent storage.


PSA off-gas CO2 removal

Hydrogen purification is typically done in a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) unit. After separation of the hydrogen from the syngas, the CO2 leaves the PSA together with the off-gas, which would usually be used as fuel in the reformer. The CO2, however, can also be removed from this stream and condensed using – for example – cryogenic-separation technology, thus enabling the CO2 to be transported as high-pressure liquid.


Flue-gas removal

CO2 from flue gas, which itself is generated by the combustion of fuel gas as well as PSA off-gas, can also be captured. And, although this process is technically demanding due to the greater equipment dimensions needed to capture CO2 from low-pressure gas, this solution is excellent for both revamping existing plants and implementation in new, smaller-capacity plants.


Move forward. With one single licensor

Whether you know which technology will best suit your operational demands, or if you need guidance coming to a decision, we can help you determine the optimal path to producing ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen at mega-scale – and at the lowest levelized cost. 


With the broadest toolbox of hydrogen technologies on the market, and the most comprehensive overview of all available CO2 removal technologies, our tech-agnostic approach will ensure only the best solution is applied to your project. 

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Get an end-to-end blue hydrogen solution including hydrogen production and carbon capture from one single-point licensor. And, whether you would like to revamp your current operations or build new facilities, we are ready and able to support you.

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