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Green Ammonia

Brighten two horizons at once

Shipping emits over 1 billion tons of CO2 each year. At the same time, ammonia production emits another 500 million. Together, they account for 5% of the world’s annual CO2 footprint. Numbers that large shouldn’t stay that way, and green ammonia is the reason why they won’t.

Green ammonia’s potential impact on our decarbonization journey is tremendous. As a hydrogen-storage and maritime-fuel solution, it offers the ability to safely phase out fossil fuels from the world’s most challenging transport sectors. And as a key component of fertilizers, it can transform agriculture. 

The world’s great call for sustainable ammonia production is one that we’re well on the way to answering. From hybrid plants to entirely green sites, our customers are leveraging Topsoe’s 80 years of industrial and technological experience to maximize the energy efficiency of every project. And with new solutions driven by electrolysis, including our new SOEC technology, you can be sure that the ammonia you produce contributes to a greener future – on land, or at sea. 

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