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Let our catalysts support your effective blue hydrogen production, so you can support our low-carbon future

Our planet has no time for unreliable blue hydrogen production. 

As an important step on the road to a clean energy future, hydrogen demand is expected to grow sevenfold by 2050 - from 90 MT/Y in 2020 to 660 MT/Y in 2050. This growth makes an efficient and smooth blue hydrogen production process vital. 

Our catalysts are built on decades of fundamental knowledge into their functioning under various industrial conditions, they are guaranteed to support your effective blue hydrogen production through: 

  • Easy installation and operation
  • A high efficiency process - steam/carbon 0.6
  • Stability resulting in long lifetimes
  • A 100% chromium free portfolio
  • Proven performance across multiple units
A typical blue hydrogen process supported by Topsoe's SynCORTM Technology:

SynCOR_Blue_Hydrogen_New editorial page-1

White paper: SK-501 FlexTM - New FE-CR-FREE formulation for HTS catalysts is industrially proven

SK-501TM is an industrially proven high temperature shift catalyst which can operate at virtually any steam-to-carbon ratio and at the same time does not contain hazardous chromium compounds, eliminating associated risks to personnel health and safety, having low environmental impact, and complying with increasingly strict regulations.

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