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Invest in a low-carbon future. Reap the dividends.

Legislation is tightening. Demand for low-carbon energy is rising. The future of your business could depend on how you adapt today. And blue hydrogen can be the solution.

But we’re not talking about an idea in development. It’s already here. Our technologies can transform natural gas resources into a low carbon blue hydrogen product.

With smart integration of carbon capture technology with hydrogen production, we can ensure that you produce ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen at mega-scale and at a lower levelized cost. An investment that’s worth every cent.

Let’s partner up to bring emissions down

Noun: The practical implementation of ideas that result in improvements.

Topsoe is here to innovate, to make ideas into reality for our customers. We do this by bringing with us the broadest toolbox of hydrogen technologies, and the best understanding of all carbon capture technologies and their integration.

Our proven track record in blue hydrogen projects and extensive expertise means we can ensure scalability and economic feasibility for your project. Whether building new or revamping existing infrastructure, we are here to empower your success.

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Why go BLUE with Topsoe?

Ensure efficiency

Take the lowest energy route to ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen.

Scale as needed

Produce blue hydrogen at mega scale — three times larger than the competition — and at the lowest levelized cost.

Invest with confidence

Futureproof your business with the world’s leading hydrogen licensor responsible for the production of every third molecule in the industry.

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