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A blue for every business

The most output, the lowest input

To us, efficiency is a necessity. We want to help you make ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen using the lowest energy possible. And at the lowest levelized cost.

That’s why we have the broadest selection of technologies to produce blue hydrogen today — all with one common goal: reducing the carbon intensity (CI) of hydrogen.

Topsoe delivers an integrated blue hydrogen solution comprising hydrogen production and carbon capture. In close dialogue with you, we select the most suitable combination of technologies based on specific project drivers.



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From small- to mega-scale

In business, economy of scale matters. We have designed our blue hydrogen solutions so you can scale as needed. No production capacity is too high.

When you pick Topsoe as a partner, we get our heads together with you and help you decide which technology will work best for your business. We’re primed to deliver process design, core technology, and catalysts under one single-point license.

Whatever your current setup, we’re ready to help you decarbonize in the most cost-effective way.

Whatever scale you need, we have the best blue hydrogen solutions on the market. Produce ultra-low carbon intensity hydrogen with 99%+ carbon recovery without using expensive flue gas CO2 removal.  

Presenting the two best-in-class blue hydrogen technologies available today.


The next generation workhorse, SynCOR™ gives an unparalleled economy of scale especially suited for production at mega scale and with high CO2 recovery requirements. Among all ultra-low carbon intensity technologies, Topsoe’s SynCORTM blue hydrogen technology is by far the most mature technology in the market.


eREACT™ hydrogen

eREACTTM hydrogen can reduce the size of a traditional steam methane reformer by 100 times, delivering outstanding energy efficiency, zero flue gas emissions, and ultra-low carbon intensity. Especially suited for small to medium scale production when cost effective renewable electricity is available.


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