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The fuel of the future is here

With an energy transition burgeoning, the world’s demand for clean energy requires immediate action.

Blue ammonia has a significant role to play, helping to transform hard-to-abate sectors, such as transportation and power generation.

Partner with the leading ammonia specialists and benefit from proven technologies with superior scalability. We’re here to help you decarbonize efficiently and cost-effectively, so you can stay competitive while meeting the demands of tomorrow.

Pathway Blue

The pathway to decarbonization starts with blue.

Blue NH3 is a responsible way of producing ammonia that integrates carbon capture to minimize GHG emissions. A high energy density and an already established storage and transport infrastructure make blue ammonia an ideal energy carrier. And a low-carbon game changer.

Demand for blue is rapidly growing

The demand for ammonia is growing. Fast. Projected figures predict that the global ammonia market will grow by nearly 400 billion USD by 2050.

And production is expected to increase by 688 Mt, spurred by energy transport, thermal power generation, and maritime shipping sectors.

In addition to using ammonia as a direct fuel source, it is also an exceptional energy carrier set to disrupt the alternative energy industry. And our technologies will allow you to meet the increasing production requirements of a growing market while simultaneously lowering carbon intensity. Through Topsoe, you can protect your business with carbon-free fuel production at scale, comply with regulations, and become a company of the future.

Main process - blue ammonia_Ammonia end-use by sector

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Now is the time to produce

Scale up production while minimizing risk. With our extensive ammonia production experience, you can diversify with certainty and get the flexibility to broaden your product portfolio successfully.

Regardless of the project, our blue ammonia solutions are key in opening the door to an economy of scale and a production capacity second to none.


The proof is in the numbers.
Like 99%+ carbon recovery.

Achieving the best shade of blue ammonia depends on the carbon intensity (CI).

With our reforming technology, your operation can achieve an unrivalled CI with the lowest levelized cost. We enable an industry-leading 99%+ carbon emission reduction at mega scale, all under one single-point license. Increasing your profitability and returns on decarbonized energy production.

Main process - blue ammonia_Integrate carbon capture with SynCOR Ammonia

CO2 capture is easier from the process gas or NWU off-gas rather than flue gas due to higher partial pressure.
In SynCORTM blue ammonia technology, it is possible to achieve a CI lower than   0.01 kgCO2/kgNH3 solely by capturing the CO2 in the process.
Topsoe does not offer POx technology.


Integrate carbon capture with SynCOR™ Ammonia

SynCOR Ammonia™ is a breakthrough in the ammonia industry. Whereas traditional ammonia plants today rely on conventional two-step reforming. SynCOR Ammonia™ utilizes the unique TOPSOE™ SynCOR™ solution, a process based on oxygen-fired autothermal reforming. Rather than tubular steam methane and an air-fired secondary reforming. Making CO2 capture easier from the process gas or PSA off-gas compared to flue gas due to their higher partial pressure. Thus, achieving a CI lower than 0.1 kgCO2/kgH2.



Meet H2Retake™

H2Retake™ is an ammonia cracking solution that extracts hydrogen fuel and chemical applications. Unlocking the full energy-carrying potential of NH3.

H2Retake™ technology boasts a market-leading conversion efficiency for large-scale single-train capacities. Delivering significant commercial value while ensuring low-carbon energy production at volume.


Here for how and ready now

Carbon capture and production capacity beautifully balanced.

With almost 80 years of experience in ammonia, our industry-leading solutions ensure reliable and safe operations. Our Blue ammonia technology provides the lowest possible energy consumption with the lowest possible emissions. The next step on the pathway blue starts with you.

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